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As well as offering florist quality at flower stall prices, Harry’s Flowers has one more rather unique trait, we’re orchid specialists, able to supply and source any orchid you could wish for to brighten up your home, workplace or event.

Orchids are incredible plants. To start off with they belong to one of the largest flower families on the planet with tens of thousands of varieties found across the globe – and their history is incredible as they have been around for millions of years, possibly sharing their early times with the dinosaurs. Of course they are also incredibly beautiful, which is the reason why they have always been so popular as gifts and to decorate home and business spaces with.

Orchids can be purchased individually or as part of a floral design and, as the majority are available all year round, we receive daily deliveries from our specialist growers in Europe. Holland is one of the world leaders in orchid growing and many of ours come from specially selected growers there, perfectionists that reflect our own values for quality and vitality in their plants. Because we buy so many from them, they are one of our best sellers after all, we have been able to negotiate some exceptionally favourable rates which we’re then able to pass on to you, our customers.

So whether you’re looking to achieve an air of opulence and majesty with a Vanda orchid, which like a fine wine takes time to mature as its first flower takes six years to show, or prefer the tradition of a perfect White Orchid, let us know and we can deliver to you or you can pick up from our open air boutiques in Hampstead or St John’s Wood.

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