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As well as selling flowers and plants, both of the indoor and outdoor variety, we also happily offer practical advice and assistance to our customers.

We are always being asked about the placement of our outdoor plants, the type of soil they like the most, optimum positioning for light, shade and protection from the elements, and how to look after them best. This is why we now offer a garden dressing and maintenance service for domestic and business customers.


Whether it’s a window box or a rambling garden we can supply, advise, plant and maintain your blooms and bulbs, potted patio plants and trellises for you. We’ll leave the lawns to you, but for your precious external floral décor we can take all-round annual responsibility.


From potted plants placed to welcome guests to your threshold to those on your verandas, balconies and in your garden beds, what you plant and how you look after them says a lot about the care you take to make a first impression.


We work with numerous new home builders, such as Galliard Homes, that instruct us to look after the garden flowers and foliage that help them to sell their properties more quickly.

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