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At Harry’s Flowers we can simply supply fabulous floral displays for your hotel, restaurant, office or other business premises, diligently replacing them regularly to ensure that you always get the best from us.

Or, if you like, we can also help you to create an ambiance, a mood for your staff or clientele to enjoy. We can fill your spaces with colour and exotic scents, we can create magnificent displays that match the grandeur of the architecture that surrounds them, or we can add a little natural décor to each and every table.

We can supply flowers for a one-off corporate or charity event, a catered dinner or VIP visitor. Alternatively, we’d happily commit ourselves to an ongoing relationship, a regular program of removal and replacement, to keep your premises looking fresh and vital every single day.


We take daily delivery of flowers and plants from our growers across the globe, growers that have been selected for the quality of their flowers and the reliability of their service. We only accept the best so our business clients can always look their best.

Tap into a lifetime of display expertise when you ask for our advice on what will work at your premises, the best location for your plants to flourish, and how to achieve sweet scented floral perfection.

No matter the quality of your blooms and displays they will inevitably, with time, fade and die. Therefore part of our commitment to our clients is to agree in advance a renew and refresh program to ensure that you always have the very best on display.

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